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Total: 679
Liu Lei of China at Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games in Paralympic Powerlifting bench presses WR 224.5 kg in category Men 67.5kg!

Scot Mendelson
Benches 505.7 kg (1115 lb) on the one board!

Order shown in video / lifter + his country / weight lifted / weight class:
1. Pyrros Dimas (Greece) 213 kg (469 lb) in the 83 kg (183 lb) class
2. Kakhi Kakhiashvili (Greece) 235 kg (518 lb) in the 90 kg (198 lb) class
3. Liao Hui (China) 198 kg (436 lb) in the 69 kg (152 lb) class
4. Anatoli Pisarenko (Soviet Union) 265 kg (584 lb) in the super heavyweight class
5. Aukadov Apti (Russia) 200 kg (440 lb) in the 85 kg (187 lb) class
6. Ilya Ilin (kazakhstan) 216 kg (476 lb) in the 85 kg (187 lb) class
7. Zhang Yong (China) 218 kg (480 lb) in the 85 kg (187 lb) class
8. Akkaev Khadzhimurad (Russia) 235 kg (518 lb) in the 105 kg (231 lb) class
9. Lu Xiaojun (China) 205 kg (452 lb) in the 77 kg (169 lb) class
10. Borislav Gidikov (Bulgaria) 207.5 kg (457 lb) in the 75 kg (165 lb) class
11. David Bejanyan (Russia) 237 kg (522 lb) in the 105 kg (231 lb) class
12. Alexander Varbanov (Bulgaria) 212.5 kg (468 lb) in the 75 kg (165 lb) class
13. Naim Suleymanoglu (Turkey) 190 kg (419 lb) in the 60 kg (132 lb) class (greatest lift ever by sinclair points. 3.2 times bodyweight!!!)
14. Matthias Steiner (Germany) 258 kg (568 lb) in the super heavyweight class

One of the videos of the Latvian strongman Konstantin Konstantinov. In this video also is captured moments of his warm up before he goes and shocks everybody with his strenght.
17.12.2011 WPC RAW Latvian chapionship body weight - 136kg(300lb).

Zydrunas Savickas aka BIG Z is perhaps the strongest man that ever lived. There are some who would argue this point. Even he himself in an interview has stated that he believes Bill Kazmaier to be the strongest man that's ever lived. Squat 325 kg and deadlift 440 kg!

Ronnie’s words: “Waiting for the results of my Mylegram, seems these days I just live in the hospital, oh well”.

Ronnie’s words: ”I’m going home yall, cosmetic surgery was a huge success, I’ll be back on stage in a couple weeks all is fine and thanks for all your get well wishes – Bring on New Years Eve“.

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Flex 'The Welsh Dragon 'Lewis comes from a small town in Wales to the worlds biggest stage.

Squatting insane weights with and without knee wraps. In second video Meszaros Laszlo benching 300 kg 5 reps with slingshot!

Amazing RAW junior bench press record! Kirill Sarychev RAW Bench Press 300 kg at that time he was only 21 years old!