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Jari Sjoman raw bench press 250kg, 280kg & 300kg without a sweat. He even take the weight from rack himself!

What is classic bodybuilding?
The classic era of bodybuilding, the period between the 1940's and the mid 1980's, was a very special time. A time when men fought against iron to forge muscular physiques which captured the imagination. Classical Greek statues came to life and graced the covers of magazines. Young men were inspired to pick up their first barbells and begin building strong healthy bodies of their own. Muscular bodies and health were synonymous. One and the same...

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Meszaros Laszlo benching 200kg 30 reps with slingshot!

Behdad Salimi squats (360 kg / 800 pound) at training in World Weightlifting Championship in paris he is the holder of new Snatch World Record 214kg. He is a real Giant beast!

Video of Ed Coan @ 21 years in 82.5 kg class. Even in that age he was showing phenomenal results!
Squat 355 kg. Benchpress without equipment 204.5 kg. Deadlift 359 kg.

Man Destroys Tree With His Leg In Thailand!

Master Clifford doing martial arts demonstration for Guinness Book of World Records. "Man Created Concrete to Keep Man Out... I Destroy Things That Man Makes!"

New motivation video:
Bodybuilding Motivation - No Shortcut (Muscle Factory)