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Incredible Bench Press 186 kg (405 lb) for 26 reps RAW!

Clint Beyerle 1975 from the Mr. America competition.

Bodybuilding Motivation - Iron Masters (Muscle Factory)

____Just when you thought the Internet couldn't get any better, Arnold Schwarzengger goes and tweets a photo of himself and Sylvester Stallone at the hospital getting shoulder surgeries.
____"After all the action, stunts & physical abuse shooting 'The Expendables 2' and 'The Last Stand,' it was time for a little tune up on my shoulder," Schwarzengger wrote on Twitter. "Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery. Now we're ready for another round of great times and action when we shoot 'The Tomb.'" The former California governor ended his tweet with the hashtag "#greattobeback."
____Arnold (who turns 65 in July) and Stallone (who turns 66 during the same month), will next team for the aforementioned film "The Tomb," an action thriller about a master prison architect (Stallone), who must escape from one of his creations with the help of a wily inmate (Schwarzenegger). That's great and all, but OMG WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THIS PICTURE ALREADY!

Incredible Bench Press 272 kg (600 lb) for 6 reps RAW!

Mikhail Koklyaev - I did it my way!
Mikhail Koklyaev is a six-time Russian National Weightlifting champion, strongman competitor and powerlifter. He was born in 1978 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. He often goes by the nickname "Misha"....

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Laura Phelps world record 245 kg (540 lb) benchpress!

World's Strongest woman Laura Phelps Sweatt she is the world's strongest woman, has a deadlift over 227 kg (500 lb) pounds, a back squat over 318 kg (700 lb) and a bench over 227 kg (500 lb).

17 year old, 94 kg chinese weightlifter squatting 200 kg 13 times at the end of a workout!