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In this video you can see how important is to have good spotter by your side, when you are lifting big weights. Fortunately athlete sustained minimum damage. So don't be ashamed to call someone to spot your lift ;)

In this video athlete will try to lift enormous weight (2400 lbs) with his hips, by strapping belt around his waist. We don't see any benefits from this exercise, but still impressive.

In this video I used superheroes cartoons ... Vintage superhero cartoons inspired many people when they were young. Even now many of bodybuilders relate to superheroes like HULK, Spiderman , BATMAN and so on. Bodybuilders are still posing dressed in their favorite superheroes. Many of them have nicknames like Superman(Lee Priest) Frankenstein(Paul Dillet) Predator ( Kai Greene) HULK(Lou Ferrigno) and many others. So lets remember old good times when we were inspired by our superheroes... Just watch it and enjoy...

On this motivation we spent almost 2 weeks. All who like our videos, and those who want to help to improve our work, can help us by watching and subscribing. We spent a lot of hours , days and weeks to make our videos for our fans.

At last my new motivation. Worked hard very hard on this video. Support us by sharing our videos and by watching. Watch this video and get - mad as hell :) THX to all who support us.

So at last - here it is... Enjoy new motivation and get motivated!

Best video of "Muscle Factory". Everything is included - hardcore, mind, intellect, power of will. Bodybuilding is not just hardcore weight lifting - it's more than that. You must have your dream, intellectual mind and power of will. So watch it and enjoy hundred times :)

All who like our videos, and those who want to improve our work, can help us and support us. We spent a lot of hours , days and weeks to make our videos for our fans.

Many subscribers asked for new classic video, so here it is. But this is not our main video on which we are working. Enjoy this one while we are making new motivation.

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