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Shocking accident - Olympic weightlifter dislocates his arm. He was alright (with dislocated arm), later he even gave comments about his accident.

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Shocking Power Lifting accident

Unbelievable Weightlifting accident in WC 2007

Epic battle John Brzenk vs Farid Usmanov arm wrestling

3 attempts and last one the craziest. This guy is fighter, others would have quit already, he fights till end.

A very sad day that the world has lost one of the very best ever heavy weight champions an idol to millions through out the world a true gentleman and great ambassador to the world of boxing who gave so much kindness and generosity to so many . We all have lost a true great man Rest in Peace Joe Frazier.

Nr. 1 RQTN - 1970 - A Gaze Towards The Lighthouse

Nr. 2 The Three Corners of The Earth - The Fire Shall Devour Us

Nr. 3 If These Trees Could Talk - From Roots to Needles

Probably everyone have seen in gym guys that train biceps every time and never train legs. So here is little example how you should not look like. Remember, symmetrically proportional body is beautiful body. So don't forget to train legs ;) .

First impression may be misleading. Don't judge until you know all facts.