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Very fit 60 year old man, does 700 push ups plus ten sets of pull ups and dips 5 days a week. From the lower east side of Manhattan. Calisthenics has kept him looking young.

Mike Mentzer Andreas Munzer Scott Klein Mohamed Ben Aziza
(15.11.1951 – 10.06.2001)
he was an American IFBB professional bodybuilder, businessman, and author. Died June 10, 2001 (age 49).
(25.10.1964 – 14.03.1996)
he was an professional bodybuilder renowned for his extremely low body fat levels. Died March 14, 1996 (age 31).
(11.02.1973 – 22.05.2003)
he was National Heavyweight Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer. Died May 22, 2003 (age 30).
(1959 in Algeria – 4.10.1992) he was a professional bodybuilder. Died 4 October 1992 (age 33).
Derrick Whitsett Don Youngblood Paul Demayo (Quadzilla) Ray Mentzer
(31.12.1966 - 24.01.2004)
he was 1994 NPC National light-heavyweight champion. Died January 24, 2004 (age 37).
(7.04.1954 – 8.05.2005)
he was an American IFBB professional bodybuilder. Died May 8, 2005 (age 51).
(12.09.1967 - 2.06.2005)
he was a former IFBB professional bodybuilder. Died June 2, 2005 (age 38).
(2.08.1953 – 12.06.2001)
he was the brother of Mike Mentzer and winner of the 1979 AAU Mr. America competition. Died June 12, 2001 (age 47).
Edward Kawak Serge Nubret Sonny Schmidt Greg DeFerro
(28.02.1959 - 21.05.2006)
he was a professional bodybuilder. Died May 21, 2006 (age 47).
(6.10.1938 – 19.04.2011)
he was a French professional bodybuilder, movie actor and author. Died April 4, 2011 (age 73).
(9.09.1953 - 25.01.2004)
he was a New Zealand-born professional bodybuilder. Died January 25, 2004 (age 50).
(7.06.1953 - 14.01.2007)
he was a professional bodybuilder. Died January 14, 2007 (age 53).

Obama Michelle is a big fan of Muscles! Very often she shows double bicep posings in different meetings :)

Few pictures just for fun! Imagine if he look like that :D!

Smallest and most ripped man on youtube! Placed 5th. on IBFF World 2010 In Slovenia-Koper.

So how does it come that two almost identical gyms one in your hometown and the other surrounded by barbed wire (in prison) - produces two distinctly different success ratios? Just watch the membership of your local gym, how many of those that join actually get the results they are looking for? Maybe ten percent of the membership, that’s one in ten. The results in prison are closer to ninety percent! That’s nine out of every ten men ending up reaching their goals and usually in very short time. It was not uncommon to see someone gain twenty, thirty, sometimes even forty pounds of rock-solid muscle in less than a year. In fact, the results were so astonishing that many prisons replaced all free weights with machines because inmates were becoming too big and too strong in too short of a time.

Try identify heroes of bodybuilding, martial arts and films in their early years. We have found some rare photos! You can also discuss and comment this at forum.

Moskow - Soviet weightlifting icon Vasily Alexeev, who won two Olympic golds and set 80 word records, died on Friday at age 69, the Russian federation of the sport said. 'Vasily was a legend of Soviet sport,' the federation said of Alexeev, who reportedly died in a clinic in Germany where he was treated for heart problems.
Alexeev won Olympic gold 1972 and 1976, was the first to break the magic 600kg barrier in the triple event and the last world record holder with 645kg in the now defunct event. The 162kg strong lifter was inducted into the weightlifting Hall of Fame in 1993 and Soviet honours include the Order of Lenin 1972.